Assetto Corsa Car Mods from this site are free to download. No membership required.

This is purely hobby based and you are welcome to share my updates and hopefully improvements on aging mods for Assetto Corsa.

Velos Mods Workshop is a collection of cars made for Assetto Corsa that I have personally been involved in updating and modifying. This does not imply I created the cars.

Any authors and work by previous contributors will be mentioned if known.

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(Race Cars)

Ferrari 288 GTO Race

By GTOfire


Complete physics update and skins. Wheels by Mac Ten. Sound by Audioloids.


DOWNLOAD 113.9MB!MUF3nCQJ!HrWp1-7grjATf9oDRzlyvcAYxdu0K4ExHJOUL-l7p5Y

Ferrari 288XX GTO Hillclimb

Original car by GTOfire

Please note this is entirely fictional in nature. The body of the Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione with some more design cues from other period Ferraris, with physics brought in to the modern era with a diffuser and stick sequential gearbox.


Skins by Velo, Original skins by GTOfire

Physics overhaul plus added wing by Velo.



Ferrari 288 GTO Trackday

By GTOfire


Complete physics update, skins by Velo and new wheels by Mac Ten.

Sound by Audioloids.


DOWNLOAD 142.1MB!9QNUVJIL!ng1oB0OVZcMfB32GCYuklH6dbwo1ZKjlVqxpjf5aYIA

Ferrari 512s



Physics update by Velo and Bazza von Dutch. Graphic corrections by Mac Ten. Additional skins courtesy of David H Fiallo.


DOWNLOAD 102.4MB!xN8TmJAa!XwqNRdQuF9e8GyPO1qTA2darZB1hLw3qX8vOMfjXVIE


Ferrari 365 GTB Daytona

Original Car by AC Legends reproduced and updated with the kind permission of Donnie Heerdt and Bazza.


Graphics by Mac Ten, Physics by Velo. Skins by ACL . Mac Ten & Velo.





Ferrari 430 GT Scuderia



Physics and skins by Velo. Graphics and visuals by Peter Utecht

2 x new skins, new previews and small physics update.Lights upgraded, including side lights.


DOWNLOAD 74.27MB!RRUAlY7Y!aDuVJql9q-Z2iQus0PxPvsXNAKV_Qsv5srPWD0bRxwA



Ferrari 430 GT3 Scuderia


Please see log in car file for details.

Update to ride height and steering wheel alignment and scaling.

12 SKINS, 6 by Paul Dickinson and 6 by me.


DOWNLOAD:78 MB!BBk1CC4Z!Eigcv5mTnIY465QuUoQxZkeEMMJatk9pmVlALv4v8Po


Ferrari 430 GT3 '07

1 x new skin,New wheels,Roof camera added

Rpm LED's fixed,Lights reconfigured.

See changelog for update history.


DOWNLOAD:82 MB!QMEG0ATD!EJzpRIwSJ9UvboqhV3lrbFA9ihymOW8RLahvMulbMjc

Ferrari 355 Challenge Hillclimb


Major graphics and visual updates by Peter Utecht. Skins and physics by Velo.


DOWNLOAD 109.8MB!gM9yzTbR!wGpu07QNdloHnYWaZzcrtNo_Z8uGZoxa1N7NFiq8LDYY

Ferrari 355 Challenge


Major graphics and visuals update by Peter Utecht. Skins by Velo and Peter Utecht, Driver position and animation by Jari Lepannen.


DOWNLOAD 124.8MB!dBlUgI5L!LpIkJ7uhs3ZLLiXRp9du_a-iYGBoq41u1Pa4ys5lSSk

Ferrari 430 Scuderia Track Day version 1.1

by Markos Kass


This is an adaptation of an adaptation by Peter Utecht. His visuals, skins and graphics.





Ferrari 430 GT2

New wheels, updated external shaders, lights reconfigured,roof camera added. New sound, revised exhaust flames..

See changelog for car update history.


DOWNLOAD: 97.15 MB!QZN2jSyR!0GRy1X6yrOjzp-Md3LbxvNWhxBXXmbZNg_TXNFP_w2Y

Ferrari 430 Challenge

by Velo



New skins, headlight and side light updates. New tyres configuration.