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Jaguar 'D' Type

by Donnie Heerdt (SBH)

Physics and skins by Velo, Full graphics overhaul by Mac Ten.

Driver animation by Jari Lepannen.

DOWNLOAD 40.1MB!1cMlDbwJ!dkKfWWz0r7QCHZUP82dx4F6WcuEUCpbOXur0DURacQ4

Jaguar Mk2

by Rob Boenke (Bonkers Designs)


Additional skins by Velo.


Jaguar 'E' Type 4.2  (version 1.1)

by Full Throtttle

Revised skins, New licence plates 1965/6/7.

Physics overhaul with correct power data,and other work.

New visuals and graphics including rim blur and disc glow.

This version includes tyre and mirror fix.


Updated 15/09/2018

Jaguar XK120 (Race version). version1.1

by Velo

Udated 08/12/2018

10 Skins/Liveries

Rollcage and other objects and  visuals added with texture updates.

Race engine spec. to 210hp as per after market upgrade. (max production offering was 180hp). Kunos sound. Added leather hood strap + new previews.



Jaguar XJ220 race version 1.1

Original mod from the Full Throttle team.

This version has five skins, new Dymag wheels, front splitter, new rear wing, and physics update with V10 tyres.  Driver position and animation by Jari Lepannen.

DOWNLOAD: 65.57MB!FJsTVR4I!zvGL1-qacoq8EmkqhCjwjXHW6pKekJkYtSC4hSWNFBM


by SimDream

Updated physics, driver and driver animation, wheels with improved rim blur.

Now with 2x new Castrol skins by Vieira AV


Jaguar XK120 Drophead 1954 UPDATE

Conversion by Jari Lepennan

Update: Increase hp from 162 to 180hp.

Added driver without helmet NOTE: (driver kn5 required for 'no_helmet_driver'.)

Changed tyres to 50's style. Removed rollbar.

Added unique individual 1950's British front and rear license plates.

Added Kunos 6 cyl. sound.


DOWNLOAD.....includes KN5 for no_helmet_driver with instructions.

Windshield Transparency fixed. 10/12/2018

NEW LINK!ZAkzVaLL!VdSl0C-FetjzgBHNUF0m5eKn6SO3C5H3DeqqJ5gAwj0

Jaguar XK120 Drophead 1954 (Race version)

Converted by Jari Lepannen

UPDATED 10/12/2018

Windshield transparency fixed

Update: Increase hp from 162 to 180hp.


Changed tyres to 60'sGT style. 

Added unique individual 1950's British front and rear license plates.

Added Kunos 6 cyl. sound.



NEW LINK!Qc0F3aRT!C1tYaEd76MsB-vHWkSD5epulwP-WULvHjbDdi6wRtao