Assetto Corsa Car Mods from this site are free to download. No membership required.

This is purely hobby based and you are welcome to share my updates and hopefully improvements on aging mods for Assetto Corsa.

Velos Mods Workshop is a collection of cars made for Assetto Corsa that I have personally been involved in updating and modifying. This does not imply I created the cars.

Any authors and work by previous contributors will be mentioned if known.

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Original author Sim Dream


Visual and other updates by Rob Boenke

Physics update including power lut, UI.json file, aero.ini, flame.ini and tyres by Velo.



Lexus SC300 (street)

Original mod by Wack Mods


Shaders updated and physics.

This car has new wheels (3 colors) added stock seats , oil cooler,interchangeable license plates. New data, 660hp, 345kmh.


DOWNLOAD 79.3 MB!AElRkDzJ!FWJTSSIwd8hEjJenb-bfxvbrnNitFd5HIoCxwVLf5Ig

Lexus SC300 TURBO


Original car mod by WACK mods


This version created by Velo's Mods


DOWNLOAD: 82.9 MB!RAsWlLzR!9fXeEorf9epUojy0KWey_I60_NCZ_MDdEQrPq7f87Dk

Lexus SC300 turbo (race)

Original mod by Wack Mods.


This car is a race version of the standard car :- 800hp ,355kmh. 4 skins.Stock front seats removed, added bodywork furniture, front license plate removed and tow hooks added, momo steering wheel.


DOWNLOAD 101MB!NY9ikIbb!f-tNsH8bmHtZa75suUs84jS1-S0DNOD76UYcRpi9QTo

Lexus SC400 V8 ver.4

Original car mod by WACK mods.


This version created by Velo's Mods


New BBS wheels.New sound.New V10 tyres.Licence plate options enabled.

Front seats changed to stock.Lexus badges front and back.Data update.New previews. AO remapped. front badge fixed.c/w aftermarket steering wheel.


DOWNLOAD: 66.2 MB!xBlglLrL!gskOiNXSQCc99-Ox6Wez40cKf34Ino-BwKerbcHZAdE