Standard Triumph

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                                                                               Standard Triumph


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Austin Healey 3000 Mk1
Triumph TR3B standard version.
Triumph TR3B Race/hillclimb version

Triumph TR3B

Conversion by Velo

UPDATED: AI fuel issue fixed.

UPDATED: Driver Animation Improved 11/03/2019


Graphics & Physics by RT

DOWNLOAD:46.3MB new link!MYtFHIIJ!OmVvBeszB3ULa1qH0z10O2RYLpPucw-zJj7l6JBBC-0

Triumph TR3B (standard version)

Conversion by Velo

UPDATED: Windscreen reflection fixed 13/03/2019


With helmetless driver......Driver KN5 link here...!FB0D0AQI!Kz7tksoO4In-PQ3bEat9v06OZGfx_YO_-BAb_pLSP90

Graphics & Physics by RT

DOWNLOAD: 50.1MB  New Link!cckVWShC!gjTT4nxlgMdDz8Zv2IfIfhNMSJtpSJzbf8QGf07-kqY


By Velo

Race / hillclimb version.

UPDATE: Driver screen transparency fixed.13/03/2019

 8 skins

Triumph Stag 4-speed gearbox and ratios. Minilite wheels,Quaife driveshaft, Vessey race engine with weber carbs producing 200hp, uprated rear disc brakes.

DOWNLOAD:51.76 MB New Link!MA9j0Chb!0WomV8JgsfDZ8hsPj5fKZfSULOx7a8D57_7nsi_f2c8