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Ford Escort RS Cosworth 1992
Ford F100 1956
Ford Doran JE4

Ford Capri Mk3 (Race)

by Velo

Reworked car with new body +higher polys, reworked shaders and cockpit shaders  plus additional exterior add-ons, revised gearbox options and minor corrections.

This car has 31 skins. most from GTR2, the rest by me.

This race version has a 3 litre v6 and has 320BHP at 331 Nm.


Ford  Anglia e494a (1949) 

Version 1.1

by Velo

With internal windscreen fix

requires driver_fedora


Car Download:

1992 Ford Escort RS Cosworth

by Markos Kass

Update includes disk glow, license plates (interchangeable), updated car UI.json file with correct data. power.lut updated with correct data, V10 tyres, some shader updates, collider, fuel tank positions corrected, aero files reconstructed and exhaust flames added.

DOWNLOAD:53.7 MB!1cdzhKpQ!wbi6HRHw_W1elTOLic1ez1KW42a9l81c0TjFlrnjAzI

1956 Ford F100

by Mac Ten

Update includes license plates and US military liveries.

DOWNLOAD:63.7 MB!xM8wAYwL!wFq7ZO6vX7EamwKYNupVN1bAusKHZZ3irJnO9vA6xIw

Ford Doran JE4  Updated 13/12/2018

by Assetto Garage


Updated lights and external shaders.

This car was updated 1 year ago with new tyres and sound.


DOWNLOAD:37.64 MB!sNMghaqT!l6F9_Y8vx-XWOuPY3Qj8FujNX5WufHH_tWPfiemLSR0



By Donnie Heerdt (SBH)

c/w four cylinder turbo charged Ford engine..600hp 482Nm.
New wheels and other stuff.
Driver animation by Jari Leppänen...and a few other things.
Sound by Velo
I new skin
Physics update.