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Maserati 450s 1956-57

by Velo & Tim Leighton

Car Research & Authentic skins by Tim Leighton

Uses 'driver_57B' & driver_1955

This update fixes driver_57B additional data for VR users.


Maserati Ghibli Cup 1996 (race version)

by Velo

Total of 6 skins

3 skins by RON123 of Trackaholics with added data by Velo. 

326 bhp, 373 Nm. Twin turbo.


Maserati Ghibli Cup 1996

by Velo


10 skins, all cars have various country license plates.

326 bhp, 373 Nm. Twin turbo.

C/W Template


Maserati GTMC (Remapped)

Original car by Assetto Drive

See changelog in car file for all updates.

475bhp, 554Nm torque, 332kmh.

DOWNLOAD:122.9 MB!ocVj1YLA!UYw-LZzP1EJMCL9Oa9S1bvWa59qbkK1l1SNAgwfD-u8

Maserati GTMC Stradale

Original car by Assetto Drive

Updated aero.ini, flames, ini. flame presets.ini, suspension, ini,sound.ini,collider.ini, etc.

Added rear license plates.


Maserati MC12 Versione Corse

by Velo

Back in 2006, Maserati introduced a track-only version of its MC12 supercar that was actually closer in spec to the dedicated MC12 GT1 race car that ended up being quite successful in GT competition. It was called the  'MC12 Versione Corse' , and just 12 of them were built and sold to well-heeled track enthusiasts around the globe. Chassis number two hasn't been made street legal but that doesn't matter as you'd probably never want to drive it on a public road as there's a good chance you wouldn't even make it out of your own driveway given how low to the ground the car is. And even if you did make it out of the driveway, there's some seriously stiff suspension to deal with as well as a severe lack of visibility.

That's why we'd recommend only using this baby on the track, where it was born and bred. The chassis is based on the one in the Ferrari Enzo supercar but the engine is the same V-12 fitted to Ferrari's Enzo-based FXX track car. It's a 6.0-liter mill tuned to deliver 744 horsepower, a 123-hp gain over the standard MC12's V-12.

The 0-62 mph run takes just 3.8 seconds and top speed is in excess of 202 mph. Drive is sent to the rear wheels via a heavily revised version of the MC12's six-speed Cambiocorsa gearbox, which has been designed to offer faster gear changes in the Versione Corse. with the original price believed to be around 1,000,000 euros (approximately $1,080,989) before taxes.

Maserati A6GCS Pininfarina Berlinetta 1953

Original car by Full Throttle Team

New Skins (inc. racing skins) & improved shaders.

Previous updates include physics review, added disc glow, rim blur & rear license plate.

DOWNLOAD:47.1 MB!pBMFXAqQ!BJ1i6q1ihrAkjK1sU6unYfl_UbsdmfNSpCYbYG6xWKo