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MG-BGT 1966 car mod for Assetto Corsa

MG-MGA 1961

by Velo

All skin colors as manufacturers specifications. Licence plates are genuine replicas of MGA plates on owned cars.

NOTE: Helmetless driver. If you do not have the KN5 for this driver please download here.!FB0D0AQI!Kz7tksoO4In-PQ3bEat9v06OZGfx_YO_-BAb_pLSP90

DOWNLOAD CAR: 34.72 MB!pQtjlASR!QppKqmSad6IzbZhkkYuzowqPyZ4zhazZvfDpmlx_pyc

MG-MGA 1961 (Sprint)

by Velo

This version has a 1622cc engine fitted with dual 1.75" SU Carburettors. Stage 6 Camshaft, Johnson HTP external oil pump, Saenz Performance 4 speed gearbox, giving 170hp at 7200rpm.


MG-MGA (Race)

This version has a stage 2 head, Saenz gearbox. 128hp. 182Nm.

8 Skins

DOWNLOAD: 37.54 MB!pEcDAI7J!RnagWD_lO2iC-YvGbWonc53DvlQIZxXZUXhmZsZbmQ8


by Velo

This version of the car has a rebored engine to 1975 cc with a horsepower of 180hp. Fitted with Webcon MSX stage 2 cross head with a 714 cam and twin Weber carbs.
In addition to the other modifications the rear brakes were converted to disk brakes and the front disks increased in diameter.Wheels are Minilites.

Rim Blur UPDATED 11/04/2019

10 Skins